Wuhu Island was made by a volcano named Mount Tengamana. Wuhu Island was made in 22 B.C by the Volcanic activcey. The island will get a new Mii House near the volcano. Lexburg's lodge/house is 15 miles near the old island. In 2003 Prime Minster, Tina Webber (of Lexburg's Mii house) was haven an election agesient Frank McRoss in the leader of Lexburg's mii house. Meanwhile in 2010, the volcano erupted for no reason atoll. They had to go to The Assembly Point. But it stopped 31st April 2010.


  • Miis are hoping that Wuhu Island will be bombed by a comet in 4536.

    Wuhu Island in 22.BC (Moments after being created)

The Olympic Games in Wuhu IslandEdit

Wuhu Island are hosting the 2010 Summer Olympics

Before and AfterEdit

  • Wuhu Island (22 BC. - 1532)
  • Wuhu Island (1532 -)

The Wuhu Island Map